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Vector Group News


CANoe 9.0 SP4

Download 32 bit
Download 64 bit

With Service Pack 4, the following changes become effective:


  • Ribbon
    • The simulation factor can now be set directly in the ribbon
    • Improved logic for displaying the tooltips
    • Customizations can now be taken over after service pack installation
  • Symbol selection
    • The search can be canceled with a double click to show subitems of the selected element
    • A running search operation is visualized better now
    • Hyperlinks can now be operated with the keyboard (space key)
    • Optional signals are highlighted now
    • Various performance improvements
  • State-Tracker
    • The order of value definitions can now be changed using drag & drop
    • Drag & drop of symbols is now possible on the drawing area
    • CAN messages are now shown synchronous to the Trace Window
    • Improvements in the drawing routine and when scrolling
    • Support of AUTOSAR PDUs and PDU Container for FlexRay
    • Activation for FlexRay takes places through the usage of the templates ASR4_xxx.tcn
    • CAPL
      • Usage of the new type PDU for FlexRay
      • Support of the handler on PDU
      • CAPL function TriggerPDU for transmission
    • The AUTOSAR interaction layer (ASRPDUIL.dll) supports FlexRay too.
    • FlexRay ISO TP supports the AUTOSAR PDU layer
    • OSEK TP supports the AUTOSAR PDU layer
  • AUTOSAR Network Management
    • Configuration of an extended base address in the ini file is possible (CAN)
    • The AUTOSAR FlexRay NM supports the NM control with partial network mode
    • The model generation creates simulations for FlexRay and CAN with the new NM control with partial network mode
  • AUTOSAR Network Explorer
    • Creation of AUTOSAR 4.2.2 databases
    • New column PDU group in the PDU view
    • Display of the signal time out in the context of a signal
    • Read and write support for the attribute UnusedBitPattern for PDUs of the type I-Signal-I-PDU, NM-PDU and Multiplexed-I-PDU
  • Replay and Offline
    • Failed update of an unknown system variable will be logged by name in a automatically created system variable "UnknownSysVar".
  • Templates
    • Files names of logging blocks in templates are now predefined with field codes

Diagnostics Feature Set

  • Several small bug fixes and improvements

Test Feature Set

  • For vTESTstudio Test Units:
    • Variant dependencies in Test Units can now be specified also for hex values
    • Report path can be changed again
  • General:
    • HIL API signal generator now also for SOME/IP service signals available
    • TesterAction callback works again even in CAPL test module
    • Several test functions are aware of encoded network names
    • TesterConfirmation-Dialogs can now visualized localized texts

VT System

  • New RT module VT6051A
    • Performance data identical to VT6051
    • Support of Extended Realtime (ERT) can be activated via CANoe RT configuration
  • Additional transfer cycle times of 500µs and 200µs with activated Extended Realtime (ERT) for the followibng SysVars:
    • VT1004: Cur, Avg with intergration time < 10ms
    • VT7001: AvgVoltage and AvgCurrent with intergration time 1ms
    • VT2816: CurVoltage, CurCurrent, AvgVoltage and AvgCurrent with intergration time 1ms
  • Improvements of the manual GUI for VT7001A

I/O Hardware

  • Redesign of the Vector-I/O configuration dialog:
    • Simplification of the configuration
    • Improved visualisation
    • Harmonisation with other configuration dialogs


  • Improvement of the EXAM integration
  • The ASAM XIL API Interfaces Installer is now already included in the CANoe XIL API Installer
  • Improved error behavior when loading MATLAB files

Option .Scope

  • Eye diagram and voltage edge measurement for LIN
  • New file export in csfx format with improved resolution of the voltage values and more performance via data reduction
  • File export / import in XML format for bit mask analysis
  • FlexRay BSS Bit can now also be analyzed with the eye diagram

Option AMD/XCP

  • Import of CANape project files (CANape.ini) to take over settings relevant for CANoe
  • A delay can now be configured for connect after measurement start
  • Duplicating measurement groups works a lot faster now
  • A rounding issue when converting the phys value to raw value for download is solved
  • File paths in *.xcpcfg files are set correctly now

Option .Ethernet

  • Support of a TLV-serialisation for SOME/IP (TLV = Type, Length, Value)
  • Support of dynamic configuration of IPv4 Link-Local Addresses as specified in RFC3927
  • Support OEM specific PGT protocol
  • Support configuration of the Ethernet interface to enable auto detection for IEEE 100BASE-T1 Master or Slave mode
  • Support for FIBEX 4.1.1 format
  • Improved configuration capabilities of the TCP/IP Stack Socket options
  • Stability improvements when transmitting AVTP frames at high network load situations
  • Stability improvements at Media Stream control
  • On large AUTOSAR or FIBEX databases the max. limit of SOME/IP service signals can be adjusted by means of CAN.INI file
  • Improved support for a Gbit Ethernet physical layer other than 1000BASE-T and 1000BASE-T1
  • Add hardware channel information for Ethernet PDU events in Trace-Window
  • Compatibility improvements for SOME/IP and SOME/IP-IL
  • Improved UTF8 String handling for SOME/IP
  • Fix assignment of the UDP/TCP port 30490 to SOME/IP has been removed and swapped out to the templates
  • Fix issue with wrong namespace for NM system variables
  • Fix an issue that displays wrong destination channel number when using multiple VN5610 interfaces with activated bypass mode
  • Fix an issue at the Hardware Configuration Dialog which may cause an unexpected behaviour of the VN5610 in bypass mode
  • Fix an issue at the Hardware Configuration Dialog which prevents the selection of a VN5610 when connected to a VN8912
  • Node-Id of AUTOSAR-NM can now be optional
  • Fix a configuration issue of the TCP/IP stack settings when changing the Ethernet channel mapping
  • Improved presentation of the Ethernet CRC in the Trace-Window
  • Stability improvement when closing CANoe under Windows 10


  • Improved functions to access SOME/IP service signals
  • Fix an issue when resolving names of SOME/IP service signals that may result in compiler errors
  • Various improvements when reading and interpreting AUTOSAR files
  • Fix issue with misleading error message in Write-window when function SetLinkUp() is called but no cable connected

Option .Car2x

  • Car2x Station Manager: This new window is the central unit to manage ITS Stations. With the help of the Car2x Station Manager, received messages are assigned to ITS stations that are managed in CANoe. This way, CANoe.Car2x offers not only a message based view but also an ITS station based view on the communication.
  • Trace Window:
    • Packets may optionally be highlighted in the colors of the ITS stations (Car2x Station Manager).
    • New column SignerHashedId8.
    • Application messages with unknown ASN.1-Extensions are decoded.
  • Symbol Explorer and Symbol Selection dialog: Signals inside of arrays in application messages are supported.
  • Upcoming leap second end of December 2016 is considered.
  • Car2x Certificate Manager: For the import of certificates, the dialog opens the folder of the configuration.
  • Car2x Interaction Layer: The Write Window outputs an error if a packet is signed with a root certificate or with an intermediate certificate (i.e. PCAC).
  • Resolved Issues:
    • Car2x Network Explorer
      • When generating CAPL Include files, the functions C2xSet/GetTokenInt64 are used for access to 4-byte-unsigned values (DWORD).
      • An error is displayed if a database could not be loaded.
      • An error concerning saving procedures in quick succession was corrected.
    • Sample configuration V2x Basic Configuration J2735 2016-01: values in database corrected.

Option .J1939

  • J1939 Interaction Layer:
    • J1939 Interaction Layer can be configured using IL-Configuration Dialog;
  • Trace Window:
    • Analysis filter provides a better support for Drag’n’Drop in case when the dynamic address change is used;

Option .ISO11783

  • VT Window:
    • ISOBUS Shortcut Button supported;
    • Each VT Window can save its Object Pool in a separate folder;
    • Number Input Object supports Spin-Buttons;
    • Input String Object supports a Variable Reference objects;
    • Improved standard conformity: correct representation of the Input List Object that contains a NULL object(s);
  • VT_IL:
    • ISOBUS Shortcut Button supported;
    • Each simulated VT node can save its Object Pool in a separate folder;
    • VTIL_PressSoftkey() sent „Key is still pressed“ correctly;
    • Working Sets are correctly recognized even in a passive mode.
  • ITC:
    • Peer Control supported;
    • User can input values even in a hexadecimal format;
    • UTF8 character are displayed correctly;
  • TC_IL
    • Peer Control supported;
  • ISO11783 IL / NL:
    • Improved standard conformity: Delays between „Object Pool Activation“ und „Object Pool Activation Response“ up to 2000 ms are accepted;
  • Trace window:
    • Correct presentation of PGs that are transmitted with Extended Transport Protocol;
  • CAPL:
    • Handler „on pg“ is called for PGs that are transmitted with Extended Transport Protocol;

Option .AFDX

  • Significant performance improvements for message transmission
  • VN5610A supported
  • FDS-Modus: Panel signals supported
  • CAPL: New functions A664InitPayload and A664SetStringSignal
  • AFDX VL Statistics Window:
    • Standard deviation available for all statistic values (except measured BAG)
    • Calculation based on rolling average
  • Aerospace Message Editor: You may open the Aerospace Message Editor via the Tools ribbon tab.
  • Symbol Explorer: Group and parent names introduced
  • Resolved Issues:
    • AFDX Interaction Layer: If signals of various messages are modified, then in case of single shot transmission the corresponding messages will be sent.
    • FDS Mode: Issue with database replacement fixed
    • Interactive Generator: SNMP messages may be transmitted
    • Scheduler: For single shot transmission the BAG is considered correctly.

Option .A429

  • BLF logging files and the content of the Trace Window may be exported into CSV format.
  • Aerospace Message Editor:
    • The complete feature set of the Label Librarian has been included.
    • You may open the Aerospace Message Editor via the Tools ribbon tab.
  • Write Window: Messages provide a link to the corresponding help page.
  • Online Help: New help pages for
    • How to generate a database?
    • How to create a configuration for bus analysis?
  • Resolved Issues:
    • Interactive Generator / CAPL: On message transmission in simulated mode the GAP is considered correctly.

Option .CANaero

  • Aerospace Message Editor:
    • Creation and modification of ARINC-825 messages
    • You may open the Aerospace Message Editor via the Tools ribbon tab.

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