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CANalyzer 9.0 SP3

Download 32 bit
Download 64 bit

With Service Pack 3, the following changes become effective:


  • A new Shell Extension displays additional information of logging files (MDF, BLF, ASC) in Windows Explorer
  • The files names for new logging branches in the measurement setup are predefined with the filed code {LoggingBlock}.
  • Graphics Window
    • Measurement and Difference Cursor can now be activated through a button in the toolbar directly
    • You can set the red Difference Cursor to any location using Ctrl+mouse click
    • Symbolic value descriptions are imported from an MDF file
    • Resolved bugs in the drawing routine
    • The search function is available again
  • Ribbon
    • The ribbon is now completely customizable
    • The backstage area contains an overview of all sample configurations now
  • New Symbol Explorer / Symbol Selection Dialog
    • Full text search through all visible columns
    • Selection of the index of arrays
    • Switch between short name (e.g. Qualifier) and long name of diagnostic objects
    • Highlight of multiplex signals
    • Display of multiplex values for multiplexed signals
    • AUTOSAR Network Explorer 2.0
      • Support of the category attribute for für UserDefinedPdus, NmPdus, NPdus, GeneralPurposePdus
      • Fundamental support of Ethernet networks: Display of the communication (Frames, PDUs and signals analog to CAN)
      • Support of Secured PDUs, GeneralPurposePDU, UserDefinedPdu and UserDefinedIPdu
      • Assignment of ECUs to several networks via context menu in the configuration tree
      • Creation of new PDUs in the ContainerPDU dialog
      • Display of the GlobalTiming category at GeneralPurposePDUs
      • Optional display of the Header ID as Hex value
      • Display of PDUs without frame mapping

Diagnostics Feature Set

  • DoIP:
    • Activation Line Support
    • Possibility to configure the reconnect behaviour for a diagnostic tester
  • CAPL:
    • Possibility to specify the ECU in „on diag…“ handlers and DiagRequest/DiagResponse objects, enabling
      • Autocomplete Input Assistance for diagnostic symbols (ECU, services & classes) in CAPLBrowser++
      • Error indication for diagnostic objects in many cases already during compilation and not only at runtime
      • parallel test execution
      • DiagSetTarget not needed anymore
    • New CAPL functions "DiagGetIterationCount" and "DiagGetRespIterationCount"
  • General:
    • Support of MDX 4.0 diagnostic descriptions
    • Display of the plaintext name of the Security Level in the Session Control Window
    • Several small improvements and corrections, especially in the "Diagnostics/ISO TP..." configuration dialog

Option .CAN

  • GMLAN support in Interactive Generator Block CAN
  • ISO CAN FD now used as default setting for CAN FD

Option .LIN

  • LIN LDF Explorer:
    • Import and Export of NCF files
    • Integrated Text-Editor with syntax highlighting for NCF files

Option .FlexRay

  • Offline Mode: Evaluation of the segment flag in a BLF file during analysis without a database
  • Optimized start behavior for small replay files

Option .Car2x

  • Map Window: Extended zoom level for online map data for Open Street Map® (OSM)
  • Resolved Issues:
    • Trace Window - Detail view: Display of optional elements in the Security Header (according to ETSI TS 103 097) corrected
    • Car2x Certificate Manager/ Car2x Certificate Explorer: In case of export of certificates according to IEEE 1609.2, the HashedId8 that is written into the export file has been corrected.

Option .J1587

  • Decimal representation of all MID and PID values in Trace Window and J1587 Parameter Monitor – independent of the actual CANoe setting.

Option .J1939

  • Trace Window
    • Representation of message flow based on the type of the Sequence Diagram.
    • Correct representation of J1939 Wide Events even in case of several simultaneous broadcasts.
  • GPS Window
    • Support for messages Position Delta, High Precision Rapid Update and COG&SOG Rapid Update.
    • Correct presentation for the Altitude and Speed from the message VDS (Vehicle Direction / Speed, PGN=0xFEE8).
    • Correct representation of coordinates that are transmitted on message Position, Rapid Update (PGN = 0x1F801) – even outside of Europa and Asia.

Option .CANopen

  • Exchange of XDD files is significantly faster now
  • Resolved a crash in ProCANopen through long texts in EDS files during a network scan

Option .AFDX

  • Native CAPL support for transmission of AFDX messages
  • Native CAPL support for transmission of Functional Data Sets (FDS) as PDU in FDS Mode
  • Trace Window - Analysis Filter: Usability improved
  • Network Hardware Configuration - VL Filter: Usability improved
  • CAPL: New functions A664GetFunctionalStatus() and A664SetFunctionalStatus()
  • New configuration template AFDX_FDS for the FDS mode
  • Aerospace Message Editor: Display and usability improvements
  • Resolved Issues
    • Network Hardware Configuration:
      • Check ignores inactive channels.
      • Acceptance Filter: Usability improved
    • Trigger conditions - raw message: Usability improved
    • Trace Window:
      • Sorting corrected
      • Display and usability improved for FDS mode
    • CAPL Browser: Drag and drop of FDS from Symbol Explorer corrected
    • Adding a database in FDS mode corrected

Option .A429

  • COM Interface: A429 supported
  • Aerospace Message Editor: Creation and modification of ARINC-429 words.
  • Resolved Issues
    • VN0601: Reconnection handling improved
    • Trace Window: Sorting corrected

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