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CANalyzer 8.5 SP5

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With Service Pack 5, the following changes become effective:


  • Integration of different known problem solutions and Hotfixes based on 8.5 SP4

Option .Ethernet

  • Fix an issue of the CAPL-compiler when resolving ambiguous SOME/IP-service signals.
  • Stability improvements when using VN5610 and SetLinkStatus() function.
  • Stability improvements when removing databases from simulation setup.
  • Stability improvements while interpretation of GM FSA signals
  • Fix an issue that prevents the installation of the Remote-CAN-Driver.
  • Stability improvements while using interfaces devices based on the Remote-CAN-Driver.

Option .Car2x

  • Fixed issue due to assignment of HashId8 to network nodes
  • Fixed issue with implicit certificates (IEEE 1609.2/D9 2015-08 v3)
  • Unknown elements in a Car2x database (e.g. Car2x database stored with a newer version of CANalyzer) are ignored.

Option .AFDX

  • AFDX VL Statistics: Calculation of "Min. BAG" ignores reassembled messages
  • Bus Statistics: Output format of "Dropped frames" corrected
  • Trigger Block – Raw message condition (AFDX): Field "Src UDP" is accessible now independent of number format.

Option .A429

  • With the new CAPL function a429Transmit() the transfer of up to 64 ARINC words to the network hardware may be triggered.
  • Label Librarian:
    • Library updated: V1.3849; added labels: 326 - 330, 370.
    • Library schema version changed, old library files are no more compatible. Old project files are still compatible (via schema autoupgrade), but new features use default values.
    • Cycle time in milliseconds, must be > 0 if "Periodic" is set.
    • Columns with DBC-incompatible data (equipment/cycle) display exclamation mark at the left column boundary. Error description is available via tooltips. DBC generation does not start, if at least one cell is marked with an exclamation mark.
    • Various display and usability improvements
  • Resolved issues:
    • Resolves an issue with option "Early filtering of events" and ARINC words transmitted by Interactive Generator.
    • Resolves an issue with incorrectly configured ARINC words.
    • Label Librarian:
      • Cycle time inputs and calculations are rounded to the nearest float with one digit after decimal mark.
      • Installation directory of moved from C:\Users\<Current User>\AppData\Local\ to C:\Users\Public\Documents\Vector\
      • Resolved issue with "File save as"
      • Resolved issue with DBC export.
      • Resolved various GUI issues


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