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CANoe 9.0 SP1

Download 32 bit
Download 64 bit

With Service Pack 1, the following changes become effective:


  • Improved support of AUTOSAR PDUs for CAN and CAN FD

Test Feature Set

  • Testwait functions for AUTOSAR PDUs

Option AMD/XCP

  • Transport layer settings are found in all A2L files
  • Fixed a problem with an invalid number of points for FIX_AXIS curves

Option .Ethernet

  • Support End-to-End protection for AUTOSAR PDUs
  • Fix an issue that may lead to misinterpretation of Ethernet Frames while using IP-fragmentation.
  • Fix a simulation issue when using databases which may prevent the reception of SOME/IP messages in ILs.

Option .Car2x

  • Fixed issue due to assignment of HashId8 to network nodes

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