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CANalyzer 8.5 SP4

Download 32 bit
Download 64 bit

With Service Pack 4, the following changes become effective:


    • AUTOSAR Network Explorer: The data filter of the PDU timing is considered during the save process.
    • CAN FD descriptions in AUTOSAR 4.2 are supported in the same way as dbc descriptions.
    • DCM-I-PDUs with frame mapping are provided as PDU object.
  • Simple creation of include files directly in the CAPL Browser
  • The detail view of the Trace Window can be updated automatically in fixed mode for the currently selected event
  • Panel Designer
    • New control for a standard LED with different styles (circle, square, triangle, …)
    • New control to display a LED band including color control
    • Easy integration of a background image within a panel
  • Triggered recording of videos in the Video window controlled manually or by CAPL
  • The precision of floating point system variables can be configured for the ASCII logging
  • The Mapping dialog now supports the data types UINT32 and UINT64. Some restrictions for assignments have been removed.

Graphics Window

  • The min/max column works correctly in offline mode
  • Support of SOME/IP signals with enum values

Diagnostics Feature Set

  • Support diagIsChannelConnected() as well for DoIP
  • Support of OBD Interpretation for K-Line
  • The "Diagnostics/ISO TP..." configuration dialog and the OBD-II window are working correctly as well with Windows 10
  • Improved online help for diagnostics error messages
  • Bug fix regarding additional descriptions
  • Several small bug fixes and improvements, especially for basic diagnostics, DoIP/HSFZ and K-Line


  • Extended ID range for logical devices according to BAP specification 1.7 (LSG ID > 63) is supported.
  • BAP signals in Data window and Graphics window can be renamed.
  • Improved input of CAPL functions and event handlers for BAP in CAPL browser.
  • Encrypted software configuration files (.xm1) and function catalogs (.xmb) can now be used in the 64-bit variant of CANoe/CANalyzer. (Available with VAG CAN package version > 3.0.2).

Option .LIN

  • No new features in SP4.

Option .MOST

  • No new features in SP4.

Option .FlexRay

  • Robust behavior with reconfigured system buffer and FlexRay events.
  • FIBEX Explorer:
    • Additionally to the reference the object (signal, frame and PDU) itself is removed, if possible.
    • The integrated FIBEX Checker has now a command line interface.

Option .Ethernet

  • Performance enhancements for GM FSA protocol
  • Support of SOME/IP-service signals for State-Tracker window
  • Support of SOME/IP-service signals for the Start Value window
  • Resolves an issue which prevents a final update of the Bus Statistic window at end of measurement
  • Resolves an issue which partially blocks the display of buffer overruns on the VN5610 interface
  • Resolves an issue displaying truncated Ethernet frames with a length greater than 1600 byte
  • Resolves a GUI issue which allows activation of hardware filters on VX0312
  • Resolves an issue which prevents the CAPL compiler to reject the $-notification access to SOME/IP-service signals in CANalyzer
  • General stability improvements for the TCP/IP CAPL API
  • New TCP/IP CAPL API function to resolve a Host name into its IP address
  • Stability improvement of the CAPL compiler with respect to SOME/IP service signals
  • Performance enhancements for the Graphic- and Data window with respect to SOME/IP service signals
  • Performance enhancements for the Trace window with respect to the interpretation of Ethernet frames and export to the BLF logging format
  • Resolves a GUI issue of the Ethernet Packet Builder which partially prevents the indication of erroneous Ethernet frames
  • Resolves an issue of the Ethernet Packet Builder which initializes ICMPv6 packets with wrong values
  • Compatibility improvements with respect to Ethernet, dealing with AUTOSAR 4.2.1 files
  • Improved recognition of CRC signals in FIBEX databases with respect to Ethernet
  • Improvements on operation of the Ethernet IG block
  • Solves an issue with the configuration of the Ethernet default gateway which may prevent the start of measurement

Option .Car2x

  • Trace Window - Detail view:
    • It is possible to enable the automatic update of the detail view for the selected event in fixed position mode. This simplifies the observation of signals in application messages.
    • Application message signals of datatype BIT STRING are interpreted and displayed as bit field.
    • The possibility to use datatype BIT STRING in Binary Large Objects (BLOB) of DSCR messages (IEEE WAVE / SAE J2735) improves the interpretation of individual named bits.
  • Additional support of WAVE Security Services (WSS) according to IEEE 1609.2/D9 2015-08 v3 for WAVE Short Message Protocol (WSMP) and WAVE Service Announcement (WSA) including COER decoding (Canonical Octet Encoding Rules).
  • WAVE Peer to Peer protocol (IEEE 1609.2/D9 2015-08) for certificate distribution supported.
  • Additional PSID/AID values for CA Basic Service, DEN Basic Service and WAVE WSA
  • The support of UPER frames enables the processing of UPER encoded messages (Unaligned Packed Encoding Rule) in a simple DER framework (Distinguished Encoding Rule) according to SAE J2735 2015-09 e.g. for the application messages SignalPhaseAndTiming (SPAT) and MapData (MAP).
  • The sample configurations V2xMainDemo and V2xBasicConfiguration contain an example database according to SAE J2735 2015-09.
  • Resolved Issues
    • Map Window: Support for Windows 8.1 (64 bit)
    • Car2x Network Explorer: Usability improvements
    • WLAN Packet Builder:
    • Initialization and interpretation of destination address corrected
    • Usability improvements for WSMP (IEEE 1609.3)
    • Trace Window
      • Detail view: WLAN - Action frame header is displayed as byte field in case of values which are not supported for interpretation.
      • Interpretation for WSMP (IEEE 1609.3) with WAVE Element ID 129 and 130 corrected.

Option .AFDX

  • Interactive Generator AFDX:
    • Usability improvements (keyboard control)
    • Multiple signal values may be changed to the same value in one step.
  • Resolved Issues:
    • Assignment of application channels:
      • VN5610 with only Line B can be configured.
      • Additional device conflicts are detected.
      • Usability improved for configurations with many channels
    • Bus statistics: Counter overrun corrected.
    • Interactive Generator AFDX: Saving and opening of AFDX packet configurations corrected.
    • Replay Bock AFDX: Immediate transmission of the first packet corrected.

Option .A429

  • Mapping Configuration: A429 signals are supported.
  • The Visual Sequencer supports A429 signals and ARINC-429 words which are available in an assigned database.
  • Network Hardware Configuration: The direction (Rx/Tx) can be set by means of a context menu.
  • Assignment of application channels is restricted to channels with the same direction (Rx/Tx).
  • Label Librarian:
    • Standalone tool
    • Library with standardized ARINC-429 words
    • Selection of standardized ARINC-429 words for export into DBC format
  • Resolved Issue: The extraction of bus statistic data from ASC logging files has been corrected.

Option .CANopen

  • The CANopen IG does not show the NMTMaster from the database for SDO access


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