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CANoe 8.5 SP3.4

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With Service Pack 3.4, the following changes become effective:


  • ASR Explorer
    • Display of CAN FD attributes in the Property view.
    • Display of container PDUs (ASR 4.2.1).
    • FlexRay: The Payload Preamble flag can be changed in the Property view.
  • CAN AUTOSAR Network Management               
    • The TX ID of a NM message from the database can be used optionally.
    • The NmAsrMessageCount limit has been increased from 512 to 4096.
  • The node filter in the simulation setup supports now DBC databases.
  • Mapping Dialog
    • The mapping dialog now supports multiple assignments to the same symbol
  • Logging
    • The signalbased export of logging files to CSV has been revised
    • Filenames for new logging files have been standardized
    • The Logging File Conversion Dialog contains now a section to select a time interval
  • Graphics-Window
    • Fluent scrolling and zooming of the whole signal curve
    • A screenshot of the window can be copied to the clipboard via shortcut menu and a keyboard shortcut
    • Scrolling via the mouse wheel  works when measurement or  difference cursors are not visible
    • Column widths of the legend are stored when the window is closed
    • Improved drawing when using the optimization method „Pixel” and „Peak”
  • Functional Mockup Interface (FMI)
    • FMU (Functional Mockup Units) for Co-Simulation can be loaded and executed in CANoe
    • FMI 1.0 and 2.0 is supported
  • State-Tracker
    • Improved drawing at high zoom factors
    • Improved scrolling of the time axis
  • CAN FD
    • Interpretation in the Trace window  (ISO CAN FD driver required):
      • Protocol Exception Event
      • Overload Frame
  • Vector IL:
    • Supporting the control of the  FD-Format-Indicator and the  Bit-Rate-Switch (ILSetCANFDParam, ILResetAllCANFDParam)

Diagnostics Feature Set

  • TP message lengths > 4095 Bytes including setting for maximum TP message length for the integrated diagnostics channel
  • Record and replay of multiple macros as .NET Snippets with the Diagnostics Console
  • Support of NRC 0x21 (Busy - repeat request) for FlexRay, DoIP/HSFZ and K-Line
  • Miscellaneous smaller enhancements and resolved some smaller issues, especially for DoIP/HSFZ
  • Improved coupling of vFlash via node layer DLL in the sample configuration “vFlash Automation” and new tab “vFlash” in the Standalone Mode dialog


  • Reference implementation CAPL-Callback-Interface (CCI) for K-Line-ECU simulations
  • Improved diagnostics interpretation for messages without address information

Test Feature Set

  • Extended Verdict concept to indicate besides the verdicts 'passed' and 'failed' also the verdicts 'none', 'inconclusive' and 'error in test system'
    Hint: Only available together with Test Units from vTESTstudio
    Compatible verdict behavior can be configured.
  • Direct possibility to indicate the status and verdict of a test module / test unit within a set of system variables. Useful e.g. for usage within State Tracker Window.
  • Report file names can now be configured by using macros. For example, the current date and verdict can now be part of the file name.
  • Enhanced visualization of Verdicts at grouping elements within test report.
  • Further test events can now be written to logging files.
  • Usage of .NET libraries that use signal/envvar/sysvar parameters corrected
  • New possibility to retrieve the current execution cycle number programmatically
  • Additional report XSLT especially for cyclic executed test modules and test units.

Test Functions:

  • Tester confirmation dialog with new button to indicate another verdict besides passed/failed.
  • Reporting of tester confirmation dialog now always contains the tester’s comment.
  • AwaitValueMatch can now optionally be used in a way that the observed signals have to be updated once.
  • NoValueChange check functionality corrected.

Together with Test Units:

  • TestCase and TestSequence-Lists now support parameters with symbols as well.
  • Within Test Units it is now possible to enforce a debug-pause after each test tree element or after each test tree element with a dedicated verdict.
  • Possibility to start single test tree elements without changing the activation state is now possible.
  • Test Sequences can now be used even in Test Fixtures
  • Validation of variant properties that are set via COM function enabled


  • BAP is supported in 64-Bit mode. (Starting from VAG-AddOn version 3.0.3)

Option .LIN

  • LIN Consistency Checker: Simple insertion of LDF sections into the text view

Option .MOST

  • The IMG support was revised and covers the system events ‚shutdown flag‘ and ‚system lock‘ now.  Timstamps in the column ‚Date and Time‘show the real time of the data acquisition now. Timestamps in hours, minutes and seconds can be shown in the column ‚HH:MM:SS‘.

Option .FlexRay

  • FIBEX Explorer/Consistency Checker: Revision of check 1811.
  • Behavior at measurement start without parameters corrected.
  • Correction of the generation of redundancy errors for AB networks.

Option XCP/AMD

  • XCP/CCP Window improvements
    • The settings “Auto Read“ and the polling cycle time can be changed during an active XCP/CCP connection
    • The settings “Auto Read“, “Measurement“, and "Cycle/Event" can be changed during a running CANoe measurement
    • Measurement groups can be changed during a running CANoe measurement
    • The current view of the XCP/CCP Window is saved and will be restored when loading the configuration
    • A new column “Value“ displays the latest measured value of a parameter
    • Parameters and measurement settings of a measurement group can be exported to and imported from .lab, .cfg and .Vsf files
  • Support of CCP 2.0 ECUs
  • Support of the CCP Session Status command
  • Signals from the database are shown for DAQ messages if the XCP/CCP observer is active
  • Improved error interpretation of the CCP protocol through the observer
  • Support of multi-dimensional value blocks

Option .Ethernet

  • Stability improvements with Drag&Drop of SOME/IP signals
  • Stability improvements when configuring a VN5610 Ethernet interface at a VN8912
  • Elimination of an issue where a Test Module does not send UDP packets
  • Elimination of an issue where the Symbol Selection dialog of the CAPL editor is using the database name instead of the network name.
  • Improvements on the GUI of the Ethernet-IG block to indicate wrong input values
  • Elimination of an issue where signals of the PDU-Marshalling protocol are not displayed in Graphic- and Data window
  • Elimination of an issue when Ethernet channels are used without Ethernet license
  • Elimination of a GUI issue when configuring XCP ports in the Options menu


  • Activation of VN5610’s hardware support to improve the accuracy of the repetition rate when transmitting cyclic AVB transport protocol packages
  • Enhanced configuration options to control the PTP behaviour


  • Improved support for AUTOSAR SD version 4.2.1 files
  • Improved handling of ECU variants to avoid ambiguity when looking up ECUs in the database
  • Stability improvements with IP address handling
  • Correct an issue which may lead to a wrong calculation of CRC and Alive counter
  • Correct an issue where an update of the database does not list all available nodes in the “Component Configuration” dialog
  • Correct an issue where a change of a signal of type string does not trigger the transmission of a notification

Trace window

  • Display Ethernet channel in Detail view
  • Improved presentation of SOME/IP protocol
  • Improved presentation of FSA protocol

TCP/IP stack

  • New CAPL callback function to modify a TCP/IP packet of CANoe’s TCP/IP stack before the transmission
  • Stability improvements of the API

Option .Car2x

  • Car2x Network Explorer
    • Replaces the ASN.1 Browser and the Car2x Node Editor.
    • CAPL include files may be generated for application messages which are specified in the database.
  • Trace Window
    • Fixed mode is supported for WAVE/DSRC (IEEE 1609 / SAE J2735)
    • In column 'Send Node' the node names specified in the database are displayed.
    • Columns 'Source MAC' and 'Destination MAC' are supported for WAVE Service Advertisement (WSA) packets.
    • Analysis filter: IEEE 1609 packets (WAVE) may be filtered according to the sender's MAC address.
    • Detail View: Physical values in application messages are displayed with the number of decimal places according to the conversion factor in the database.
  • Individual Car2x databases can be assigned to different WLAN application channels.
  • Car2x Interaction Layer: On C2xCompletePacket() the length field in the Wave Short Message Protocol (WSMP) is calculated and set according to its payload.
  • Sample Configurations
    • The 'Car2x Basic Configuration' can be used as basis for new configurations with the ETSI Car2x application messages CAM and DENM.
    • The revised sample configuration 'ASN.1 Support' demonstrates how to use signals in ASN.1 based application messages with the CAPL API and how to display them in the Graphic and Data Window.
  • Resolved Issues
    • Car2x Network Explorer: CAPL code generation for access to application message signals has been improved.
    • WLAN Packet Builder: Correct presentation of WLAN header fields with little endian.
    • Sample Configurations: The database and the CAPL include files used in the 'V2x System Demo' have been aligned.
    • Sample Configurations: Physical value conversion added or corrected in databases with ETSI application messages CAM and DENM.

Option .AFDX

  • Interactive Generator AFDX: Performance optimization for Tx messages with many signals.
  • The system variables of the AFDX Bus Statistics and the AFDX VL Statistics may be logged optionally.
  • Resolved Issues
    • Stability improvements on running under Windows® 8.1 (64 bit).
    • Memory optimization.
    • CAPL: AFDX signals are supported by Get/SetRawSignal().
    • AFDX Interaction Layer: Tx signals can be accessed in 'on signal' handler.
    • Configuration and operation of two different AFDX channels with one VN5610 corrected.
    • Configuration of Line B only with VN5610 corrected.
    • On configuration change the status of the AFDX VL Statistics calculation is taken from the new configuration (can be set in the CANoe Options).
    • Bus Statistics: correct rounding of values.
    • Interactive Generator AFDX: Usability improvements.
    • AFDX Filter: Usability improvement.

Option .A429

  • Signal Generator considers signals from an A429 database now.
  • VN8900 may be used together with VN0601.
  • I/O channels of VN0601 may be used now.
  • Visual Sequencer supports ARINC words in raw mode.
  • Trace Window
    • ARINC words with multiplexed signals are displayed on several lines in fixed position mode.
    • An ARINC word is colored if it causes a gap violation.
  • Resolved Issues
    • Stability improvements on running under Windows® 8.1 (64 bit).
    • Bus Statistics: Bit rate errors are displayed now and cause an update of the minimum and maximum values.
    • Trace Window
      • Sorting of the columns Duration, Bit Rate and Distance has been changed.
      • Minor enhancements in the detail view.
    • Interactive Generator
      • Copy & Paste without database sets the label according to the content of the ARINC word.
      • For duplicated entries the activated is transmitted only.
    • CAPL
      • 'signed BCD' signals handle negative values correctly now.
      • ARINC words with a cycle time = 0 are transmitted once.
      • A429 signals are supported by Get/SetRawSignal().
    • Replay Block
      • Replaying 'Immediately' in conjunction with small word distances has been improved.
      • Timely resolution for small word distances improved.
      • Animated mode respects the timely specification now.
    • Simulated Mode
      • Timing specification is met.
      • Parity is calculated correctly.
      • Events of the actual measurement are considered only.

Option .CANaero

  • Stability improvements on running under Windows® 8.1 (64 bit)

Option .J1939

  • Graphic/Data Window: Take over the signal source address by Drag&Drop
  • Trace Window: correct interpretation of empty DM25 resp. DM4 messages
  • TestFeatureSet: TestWaitForJ1939PG() supports specific destination address for PDU2 messages as well
  • CAPL: to support the sending of PDU2 message on the specific address via transport protocol, a new selector "DA_TP" is introduced
  • J1939 Scanner: NMEA2000 PGN "ProductInformation" is interpreted correctly

Option .ISO11783

  • GPS Window: Position information from the message 'Position Rapid Update' can be used
  • Trace Window: corrected representation of aborted ETP connections
  • Virtual Terminal Window:
    • far reaching support of "AEF Conformance Test";
    • Support for all in ISO11783/10 and 11783/12 documents specified Diagnose Requests
  • ISO11783 Interaction Layer: to test the fault tolerance of Virtual Terminal, the inconsistent values can be sent as well

Option  .CANopen

  • Update of the CODB files which are used for the conformance check of EDS files



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