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CANalyzer 8.5 SP3.4

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With Service Pack 3.4, the following changes become effective:


  • ASR Explorer
    • Display of CAN FD attributes in the Property view.
    • Display of container PDUs (ASR 4.2.1).
    • FlexRay: The Payload Preamble flag can be changed in the Property view.
  • Mapping Dialog
    • The mapping dialog now supports multiple assignments to the same symbol
    • Signals can now be used as mapping source
  • Logging
    • The signalbased export of logging files to CSV has been revised
    • Filenames for new logging files have been standardized
    • The Logging File Conversion Dialog contains now a section to select a time interval
  • Graphics-Window
    • Fluent scrolling and zooming of the whole signal curve
    • A screenshot of the window can be copied to the clipboard via shortcut menu and a keyboard shortcut
    • Scrolling via the mouse wheel  works when measurement or  difference cursors are not visible
    • Column widths of the legend are stored when the window is closed
    • Improved drawing when using the optimization method „Pixel” and „Peak”
  • CAN FD
    • Interpretation in the Trace window  (ISO CAN FD driver required):
      • Protocol Exception Event
      • Overload Frame

Diagnostics Feature Set

  • TP message lengths > 4095 Bytes including setting for maximum TP message length for the integrated diagnostics channel
  • Support of NRC 0x21 (Busy - repeat request) for FlexRay, DoIP/HSFZ and K-Line
  • Miscellaneous smaller enhancements and resolved some smaller issues, especially for DoIP/HSFZ


  • Improved diagnostics interpretation for messages without address information

Option .LIN

  • LIN Consistency Checker: Simple insertion of LDF sections into the text view

Option .FlexRay

  • FIBEX Explorer/Consistency Checker: Revision of check 1811.
  • Behavior at measurement start without parameters corrected.
  • Correction of the generation of redundancy errors for AB networks.

Option .Ethernet

  • Stability improvements with Drag&Drop of SOME/IP signals
  • Stability improvements when configuring a VN5610 Ethernet interface at a VN8912
  • Improvements on the GUI of the Ethernet-IG block to indicate wrong input values
  • Elimination of an issue where signals of the PDU-Marshalling protocol are not displayed in Graphic- and Data window
  • Elimination of an issue when Ethernet channels are used without Ethernet license
  • Improved support for AUTOSAR SD version 4.2.1 files
  • Improved handling of ECU variants to avoid ambiguity when looking up ECUs in the database

Trace window

  • Display Ethernet channel in Detail view
  • Improved presentation of SOME/IP protocol
  • Improved presentation of FSA protocol

TCP/IP stack

  • New CAPL callback function to modify a TCP/IP packet of CANoe’s TCP/IP stack before the transmission
  • Stability improvements of the API

Option .Car2x

  • Car2x Network Explorer: Replaces the ASN.1 Browser and the Car2x Node Editor.
  • Trace Window
    • Fixed mode is supported for WAVE/DSRC (IEEE 1609 / SAE J2735)
    • In column 'Send Node' the node names specified in the database are displayed.
    • Columns 'Source MAC' and 'Destination MAC' are supported for WAVE Service Advertisement (WSA) packets.
    • Analysis filter: IEEE 1609 packets (WAVE) may be filtered according to the sender's MAC address.
    • Detail View: Physical values in application messages are displayed with the number of decimal places according to the conversion factor in the database.
  • Individual Car2x databases can be assigned to different WLAN application channels.
  • Sample Configurations
    • The 'Car2x Basic Configuration' can be used as basis for new configurations with the ETSI Car2x application messages CAM and DENM.
    • The 'V2x Basic Configuration' can be used as basis for new configurations to analyze SAE J2735 DSRC application messages.
  • Resolved Issues
    • WLAN Packet Builder: Correct presentation of WLAN header fields with little endian.
    • Sample Configurations: Physical value conversion added or corrected in databases with ETSI application messages CAM and DENM.

Option .AFDX

  • Interactive Generator AFDX: Performance optimization for Tx messages with many signals.
  • The system variables of the AFDX Bus Statistics and the AFDX VL Statistics may be logged optionally.
  • Resolved Issues
    • Stability improvements on running under Windows® 8.1 (64 bit).
    • Memory optimization.
    • Configuration and operation of two different AFDX channels with one VN5610 corrected.
    • Configuration of Line B only with VN5610 corrected.
    • On configuration change the status of the AFDX VL Statistics calculation is taken from the new configuration (can be set in the CANalyzer Options).
    • Bus Statistics: correct rounding of values.
    • Interactive Generator AFDX: Usability improvements.
    • AFDX Filter: Usability improvement.

Option .A429

  • VN8900 may be used together with VN0601.
  • I/O channels of VN0601 may be used now.
  • Visual Sequencer supports ARINC words in raw mode.
  • Trace Window
    • ARINC words with multiplexed signals are displayed on several lines in fixed position mode.
    • An ARINC word is colored if it causes a gap violation.
  • Resolved Issues
    • Stability improvements on running under Windows® 8.1 (64 bit).
    • Bus Statistics: Bit rate errors are displayed now and cause an update of the minimum and maximum values.
    • Trace Window
      • Sorting of the columns Duration, Bit Rate and Distance has been changed.
      • Minor enhancements in the detail view.
    • Interactive Generator
      • Copy & Paste without database sets the label according to the content of the ARINC word.
      • For duplicated entries the activated is transmitted only.
    • CAPL
      • 'signed BCD' signals handle negative values correctly now.
      • ARINC words with a cycle time = 0 are transmitted once.
    • Replay Block
      • Replaying 'Immediately' in conjunction with small word distances has been improved.
      • Timely resolution for small word distances improved.
      • Animated mode respects the timely specification now.
    • Measurement Setup: Stimulated ARINC words in the transmission branch are no longer duplicated.

Option .CANaero

  • Stability improvements on running under Windows® 8.1 (64 bit).

Option .J1939

  • Graphic/Data Window: Take over the signal source address by Drag&Drop;
  • Trace Window: correct interpretation of empty DM25 resp. DM4 messages;
  • CAPL: to support the sending of PDU2 message on the specific address via transport protocol, a new selector "DA_TP" is introduced;
  • J1939 Scanner: NMEA2000 PGN "ProductInformation" is interpreted correctly;

Option  .CANopen

  • Update of the CODB files which are used for the conformance check of EDS files


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