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CANalyzer 8.0 SP4


With Service Pack 4, the following changes become effective:

Diagnostics Feature Set:

  • Support of NRC 0x21 (Busy - repeat request) for CAN networks
  • Standard Diagnostics: Update of GenericUDS.cdd and GenericUDSLIN.cdd according  to ISO 14229-1:2012

AUTOSAR - ASR Explorer:

  • Optimized display of sender/receiver nodes in the edit dialogs.
  • Support of FlexRay channel A and B in AUTOSAR 3.x files

Option .FlexRay - Fibex Explorer:

  • New view to display transport protocol connections and transport protocol details of an ECU
  • Consistency Checker: The basic parameter gdMaxPropagationDelay can be changed (Ini file)

Option .Car2x:

  • Trace window: Corrupt payload is decoded as far as possible to support fault analysis.
  • fixed issue on measurement start with multiple WLAN devices

Option .IP:

  • Network Hardware Configuration dialog for VN5610: bypass and filter configuration corrected

Option .J1939:

  • Trace window: The event highlighting for diagnostic parameter groups considers DM57 (PGN 64710).
  • minor improvements for PGB protocol
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