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Vector products for your Car2x development

Car2x / V2X News & Events

2017-05-17: CANalyzer 10.0 - Highlights of New Features
2017-05-17: CANoe 10.0 - Highlights of New Features
2016-10-04: vTESTstudio – now available for Car2x / V2X
2016-09-22: Know-how: CANoe as Open Environment – Examples for Coupling with 3rd Party Tools
2016-03-11: CANoe 9.0 - Testing on Highest Level
2016-03-10: CANalyzer 9.0 - Analysis on Highest Level
2015-03-23: CANalyzer 8.5 - Highlights of the Latest Version
2015-03-23: CANoe 8.5 - Highlights of the Latest Version
2013-12-20: Technical Article: Testing Car2x Applications
2013-10-10: Vector signs Memorandum of Understanding to introduce Car2x communication
2013-05-29: CANoe.Car2x and CANalyzer.Car2x 8.1

Reliable analysis and test of Car2x communication systems.

2012-12-21: Technical Article: Car2x – From Research to Product Development

How automotive OEMs and suppliers are successfully completing production Car2x projects.

2012-06-18: CANoe.Car2x and CANalyzer.Car2x 8.0

Reliable analysis and test of Car2x functions with CANoe/CANalyzer.Car2x 8.0

2011-06-17: CANoe.Car2x and CANalyzer.Car2x

Reliable analysis and test of Car2x functions.

2010-07-21: CANoe.IP Simulates Traffic Scenarios in Car2x Communication

To flexibly interpret the CAM and DENM messages transmitted in Car2x communication, CANoe.IP now supports the ASN.1 description format that is used.

2009-07-01: Development and test tool from Vector supports IEEE 802.11p in Car2x networks

CANoe.IP as a development tool for Car2x applications