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Solutions for MOST Networking

MOST® - Media Oriented Systems TransportMOST1 (Media Oriented System Transport) is a serial communication system for transmitting audio, video and control data via fiber-optic cables. This multifunctional, high-performance multimedia network technology based on synchronous data communication requires professional software tools and hardware interfaces.

Vector's MOST Contribution

Vector became an associated member of the MOST Cooperation in 1999. Since then Vector enlarge its tools for MOST. 

Today Vector is your MOST solutions partner and supports you with the following range of reliable MOST25, MOST50 and MOST150 products and services:

Analysis tool for MOST ECUs and networks 
(MOST25, MOST50 and MOST150)

CANalyzer .MOST

Development and testing tools for MOST ECUs and networks.
(MOST25, MOST50 and MOST150)


MOST interfaces (MOST150) for USB with access to all data of the MOST ring VN2640 (MOST150)
Data loggers for multibus systems with MOST150, CAN, LIN and FlexRay

GL3000 family
GL4000 family

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