Interfaces and Hardware Tools for MOST®

The development, simulation, testing, and maintenance of mobile MOST networks require high-performance, robust and user-friendly hardware interfaces. The fast  MOST interface VN2640 is an ideal solution for use with notebock or desktop PC.

Features and Advantages:

Due to USB 2.0 access the MOST interface VN2640 (MOST150) is providing high data throughput and short response times. The interface has an optical S/PDIF input and output with integrated sample rate converters (selectable). For analysis or further processing the synchronous channels can also be transferred via USB to and from the PC with full bandwidth.
With the wide supply voltage range the interfaces are ensuring sufficient reliability in analysis, especially during cranking tests in the vehicle. Due to the certification of the MOST Cooperation the compatibility to existing components is guaranteed.
The VN2640 can be synchronized with additional Vector CAN, LIN and FlexRay interfaces. It provides together with CANoe and CANalyzer, an effective development and analysis of all vehicle bus systems in the network.
You can use the XL-Driver-Library and the MOST Analysis Library for the integration in your own application.

The USB Interface for MOST150 VN2640
The data recorder for multibus systems with MOST150, CAN, LIN, and FlexRay GL3000 family
GL4000 family

GL5000 family