MICROSAR - Supported Hardware-Platforms

The basic software defined in AUTOSAR is largely hardware independent. Only the operating system and the hardware-related driver modules (MCAL) have to be developed for the respective hardware.

For many combinations of controllers and compiler MCAL driver from Vector or hardware manufacturers are available. The following list shows all currently supported combinations. Other combination are available on request.

MICROSAR: List of supported controller and compiler List of supported controller and compiler

System Basis Chips:
The AUTOSAR architecture of an automotive electronic control unit (ECU) contains several dedicated basic software components like transceiver drivers for CAN / LIN as well as for handling watchdog functionalities. Semiconductor vendors are combining these different functionalities to a solution, in so called system basis chips. A suitable driver is necessary to be able to integrate these external
functions into an AUTOSAR project.

MICROSAR: List of supported controller and compiler Case Study: Integration of External Functions of a Microcontroller with vSBC Driver for System Basis Chips

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