Convenient evaluation of measurement data

Convenient Analysis of Measurement Data

With CANape and vSignalyzer, you focus on the measurement data that is relevant to you. You create panel user interfaces for sequence control of the analysis process and use these to visualize your measurement results. Even extensive analysis functions and data mining calculations can be started with a few mouse clicks and run as fully automated tasks. Thanks to the high degree of automation, you can even analyze a lot of very large measurement files.

For analysis of measurement data, you can apply any evaluation algorithms to your measurement data based on existing functions in the library or functions you create yourself. The result of the functions are available as a virtual signal and can be displayed in the display windows like a real signal or used again as an input value for other functions.

Graphic "Only for extensive analysis programming skills are necessary"

Powerful printing and reporting tools are integrated for documentation of the results.

Support for analysis and evaluation of measurement data

CANape and vSignalyzer offer many possibilities for efficient analysis of all types of measurement data.

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