Versatile Tool Support for MDF Format

The Vector CANape, vSignalyzer, vMeasure exp and vMeasure CSM tools support the MDF format by:

  • Recording measurement data* (both signals and bus messages)
  • Evaluating measurement data
  • Converting measurement data
  • Combining and extracting measurement data

* vSignalyzer supports signal- and message-oriented offline evaluation of measurement data but not the recording of measurement data

Additional through the following:

  • MDF4 Lib is a powerful function library you can use to write, validate, and sort MDF files and read them into your own applications. Besides the widely used MDF3 format, the new ASAM standard MDF4 format is also supported.
  • The CANoe and CANalyzer analysis and testing tools support both signal-oriented and message-oriented recording of measurement data in MDF format.
  • The configuration software of the GL1000 / GL2000 / GL3000 / GL4000, and CANlog data loggers converts log files to the MDF format.

The free MDF ShellExtension extends your Windows Explorer to display measurement data-specific information, e.g., MDF project, MDF name, etc.

If you want to implement MDF in your own software, Vector supports you with the freeĀ MDF Validator tool. You use this tool to check whether an MDF file (up to Version 4.1) conforms to the specification such that it can be read in with Vector tools. The tool also offers a clear view of the MDF structure in the file:

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