MDF4 Lib - Function Library for Reading and Writing MDF3 and MDF4 Files

MDF4 Lib - Function Library for Reading and Writing MDF3 and MDF4 Files

What is MDF4 Lib?

MDF4 Lib is a powerful function library; in its base variant you can use it to validate and sort MDF files as well as read them into your own applications.

The new ASAM-standardized MDF4 is supported in addition to the widely used MDF3 format. Base variant can be expanded by adding an option that supports writing files, allowing users to create and read MDF files. The library offers a convenient interface, which you can use to access signal data and supplemental information in an MDF file, regardless of the specific MDF version (3.x/4.x).

Graphic MDF4 Lib

Overview of Advantages

  • Version-independent access to MDF3 and MDF4 formats
  • Quick and memory-optimized opening of multiple MDF files
  • Efficient reading of signal data for sorted files
  • Easy generation of MDF objects and writing of signal data for the offline use case
  • Convenient access to various types of MDF meta information
  • Also available as Linux component with C++ interface


  • Multiple MDF files may be opened or generated starting from a central File Manager Object
  • For quick access to signal values, the MDF files can be sorted before opening
  • The available functionality can be learned quickly and applied intuitively
  • Efficient and resource-economic implementations of objects
  • All library calls are thread-safe


The base variant can be extended by a “write option” that makes it possible not only to read, but also to generate MDF files. As is the case with reading, all MDF versions are also supported in writing.

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