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Accessories for GL Loggers and CANlog

Vector offers accessories for the data loggers of the GL1000/GL2000/3000/4000/5000 families, CANlog 3 and CANlog 4 to support your logging tasks optimally:

12 channel GPS receiver to expand your logging data with the GPS position of your vehicle.

While recording data, LOGview offers the possibility to illustrate it graphically and to display information.

LINprobe R, LINprobe X and LINprobe G:

  • LINprobe R receives LIN frames
  • LINprobe X receives and transmits LIN frames. For transmission LINprobe X serves as Master or Slave.
  • LINprobe G receives and transmits LIN frames like LINprobe X. Additionally it can be used as standalone CAN/LIN gateway.

GLA150 - First MOST150 interface certified by the MOST cooperation for logger:
Log MOST150 data time-synchronously with the loggers of the GL3000/GL4000 families and the GLA150 accessory. The GLA150 is based on the proven Vector MOST150 interface VN2640 for CANoe and CANalyzer

    CCP/XCP License:
    The CCP/XCP license permits to readout measurement data in DAQ-mode directly from the control units and to record them.

    When usingĀ GL2000/GL3000/GL4000 logger families VoCAN lets you comment on events in audio format during logging.

    The compact digital camera for the GL3000/GL4000 families lets you supplement the logged data with high-quality color images.