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Embedded Software Components for LIN

CANbedded LIN Communication

Vector offers you high-quality and reliable embedded software components for LIN and CAN.

CANbedded LIN:

CANbedded LIN consists of the following standardized and configurable software components for the LIN communication of Master and Slave nodes:

  • Protocol Driver core
  • Hardware-specific abstraction layer (SIO driver)
  • Optional Transport Layer

List of supported controllers


Choose CANbedded LIN for your LIN communication and profit from the following features:

  • Scalable standard components in source code
  • Minimal ROM and RAM requirements
  • High run-time speed and efficiency
  • Automatic configuration based on LDF/NCF
  • Easy hardware configuration
  • Easy integration into your ECU's application
  • Full compatibility with other CANbedded products

Further information is available in the application area "ECU Software".

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