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CAN Driver for LabVIEW

Driver Software for LabVIEW®

LabVIEW is a commercial software package for use on standard desktop PCs and laptops. It can be used wherever measurement and analysis data accumulates. The CAN driver for LabVIEW allows you to send and receive CAN signals with LabVIEW that are defined in a CAN database (dbc format) directly from the LabVIEW application.

The CAN driver for LabVIEW supports all Vector bus interfaces.

Features and Advantages:

The CAN driver for LabVIEW accesses the CAN signals exclusively via symbolic names. The CAN raw data is converted automatically into physical values using conversion rules from the CAN database. If the CAN bus configuration is changed (for example bit position, conversion rule) all that is required is to edit the database. The references in the LabVIEW measurement structure can be updated automatically.


The CAN driver for LabVIEW supports the simultaneous use of up to eight CAN channels. Other Vector CAN tools and applications that have been created with the Vector XL-Driver-Library can be used at the same time and on the same channels.

Detailed information is available in the data sheetDetailed information is available in the data sheet.

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