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Tools for J1939

product video:

Generating a J1939-82
compliance test conveniently

Vector's software tools offer extensive opportunities for simulation, development, analysis, test, and diagnostics of J1939 systems and components.

Vector's J1939 tools

Simulation, testing, and development of J1939 systems:
  • Creation of simulation environments (simulation of the remaining bus) for J1939 systems
  • Run-time environment for the simulation
  • Band end tests
Analysis of J1939 systems:
  • Analysis and logging of data traffic on J1939 networks
  • Stimulation of message sequences
  • Replay of recorded message sequences (replay)

Model-based E/E system design according to SAE J1939 and ISOBUS 11783:

  • Import and Export of J1939 designs via DBC and AUTOSAR
  • Extended multiplexing for CAN
  • Modeling of controller applications
  • AUTOSAR compliant software and hardware network design
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