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IOcab 8444opto

IO interface cable for acquiring analog and digital signals

A powerful user-friendly hardware interface is necessary to acquire analog and digital signals in automotive networks. In its well-known compact CANcab package the IOcab 8444opto is the ideal product for the CANcardXL or CANcardXLe with notebooks or desktop computers.

Features and Advantages:

With its powerful microcontroller and advanced hardware design the IOcab 8444opto is well-suited for a large number of measurement and test applications.

Use cases of the IOcab

IOcab 8444opto functional features include:

  • Measurement of digital and analog values
  • Sending of digital signals
  • Output of analog signals
  • Time-correlated acquisition of signals and signal changes
  • Precise time stamp
  • Simultaneous and also mixed operation of multiple IO-/CAN-/LINcabs
  • Firmware update possible at customer site

Detailed information is available in the data sheet Detailed information is available in the data sheet.

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