Diagnostics quick and easy with Indigo

Diagnostics - Quick and Easy with Indigo

What is Indigo?

Indigo is an easy to use diagnostic tester that is largely self-configured and conceals the complexity of the diagnostic protocols. It gives the user a quick overview of a vehicle’s status and allows detailed diagnostics of individual ECUs.

A wide variety of applications of vehicle and ECU Diagnostics are directly represented by Indigo. This makes handling of the various diagnostic tasks very convenient, and easy to perform with a minimum number of user interactions.

Highlights of Indigo 5.0

  • Integrated ECU reprogramming
  • D-PDU API support
  • OBD extension for diagnostic script library
  • Report designer


  • DTC Auditor: Display all ECUs and their fault memories
  • Parametrizer: Read and modify ECU data vehicle-wide
  • OBD II/WWH-OBD: Read and evaluate different OBD data
  • Live Data: Measure diagnostic data and CAN signals
  • Scripting: Recording/executing of diagnostic sequences
  • Indigo Remote: Interactive remote diagnostics


  • Parameterization via ODX-, CANdela and Ford MDX data
  • UDS, KWP, GMW3110 support
  • DoIP support
  • OBD II/WWH-OBD support

Application Areas

Indigo is designed for diagnostics of ECUs, systems and vehicles in the development - in the lab as well as in the vehicle. Thanks to its higher level operating concept Indigo can be applied efficiently without requiring detailed diagnostic knowledge by users. Indigo Remote is the remote diagnostics solution that lets you access vehicles worldwide.

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