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GL Logger family

The GL Logger Family for Various Automotive Solutions

What are the GL Loggers?

The GL loggers are special automotive data recorders which can be used in test vehicles or on test benches. They record measurement values and acquire the data communications of CAN, LIN, MOST150 and FlexRay bus systems.

In addition, GL loggers store time-synchronously measured values from digital and analog inputs, GPS data, battery voltage and battery quiescent currents.


  • Stand-alone tools for challenging logging tasks
  • Very short start-up times
  • Extensive filter and trigger conditions
  • Support of diagnostics and CCP/XCP
  • Compact data storage on SD/CF cards with high memory capacities
  • Quick data read-out
  • Easy to configure
  • Offline analysis

Application Areas

  • Use in test fleets
  • Long-term recording
  • Customized test tasks
  • Summer/winter vehicle trials
  • Quality assurance

GL Logger Solution Finder

Find out the best GL logger according to your requirements with this helpful tool:

The GL Logger Family in Details

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