GENy is a convenient configuration tool for the Vector basic software. It is used to configure embedded communication components and the Vector Flash Bootloader for use in production ECUs.

Functional capabilities of GENy include the configuration of:

  • Embedded software components for CAN, LIN
  • Flash Bootloaders
  • AUTOSAR 3 basic software (communication modules)

GENy is part of a CANbedded delivery and cannot be purchased separately.

For the configuration of the Vector AUTOSAR 3 basic software MICROSAR, GENy is being provided within a DaVinci Configurator Pro license.

AUTOSAR conformant communication modules for CAN, LIN, FlexRay, MOST, and Ethernet MICROSAR
Configuration tool for basic software DaVinci Configurator Pro
Software components for CAN CANbedded
Software components for LIN CANbedded LIN Communication
Software for reprogramming ECUs Flash Bootloader
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