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FlexRay-Vernetzung im Fahrzeug

Vector Solutions for FlexRay

FlexRayFlexRay is a scalable, flexible high-speed communication system that meets the challenges of growing safety-relevant requirements in the automobile. FlexRay is the right solution for:

  • "Data Backbone" based on FlexRay to which other buses like CAN, LIN or MOST are connected via gateways
  • Distributed control systems requiring computations across various electronic control units (e.g. powertrain and chassis)
  • Safety-critical applications (x-by-wire)

Your Benefits from Vector FlexRay Solutions:

  • Tools and software modules from a single source
  • Professional trainings on technology and tools
  • Mature products
  • Reliable FlexRay basic software
  • Maintenance contracts with automatic updates
  • Competent tool support hotline
  • Excellent online and offline documentation
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