FlexRay Interface VN7572 für Entwicklung, Simulation, Test, Messen oder Kalibrieren von FlexRay-Netzwerken

VN7572 - Maximum Performance and Flexibility for the FlexRay Bus Connection via PCIe

What is the VN7572 FlexRay Network Interface?

The FlexRay network interface VN7572 is ideally suited for the development, simulation or testing of FlexRay networks via the PCIe interface.

The various channel combinations for the bus connections to FlexRay, CAN FD and LIN (K-Line) makes it an ideal interface for the laboratory or developer workstation.

Overview of Advantages

  • Simulation of extensive networks due to 2 MB send memory (parallel configuration of more than 1000 messages for transmission)
  • Cold start of the FlexRay cluster without needing to add a network node
  • Analysis of the network startup via an independent monitoring unit
  • 2 FlexRay channels (each with channel A and B)
  • Updating of functional range by FPGA update possible
  • Variety of channel combinations possible by simply interchangeable transceivers for different bus physics

Application Areas and Functions

The FlexRay interface VN7572 is ideally suited for:

  • Flexible analysis of FlexRay networks and ECUs in combination with the bus systems CAN FD as well as LIN (K-Line)
  • Precise time analysis of communication data
  • Analysis and test of ECUs and gateway applications
  • Measurement and calibration of ECUs via XCP (XCP on FlexRay, XCP on CAN).

Additionally, customer-specific applications can be created by using FlexRay-specific libraries.


  • Dynamic reconfiguration of the CC buffers
  • Transmission and reception of data and null frames
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