The "Fieldbus Exchange Format" (FIBEX) is an ASAM-defined data exchange format for message-based bus communication systems. It is based on XML and contains all of the information needed to describe an entire on-board vehicle network. This information includes the network topology, configuration parameters, schedules, frames and signals as well as their coding on the bit level.

FIBEX has become established as a standard for the FlexRay bus system.

The following table shows you which Vector products support ASAM-standardized and OEM-specific FIBEX:

Product Operations with FIBEX
FIBEX Explorer View*
read access to FIBEX files
FIBEX Explorer Pro* enables editing of the FIBEX data model without loss of information

* FIBEX Explorer View and FIBEX Explorer Pro are contained in different variants of CANoe and CANalyzer. Please take a look at the feature matrix for details.

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