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Event Calendar

Event Calendar

Vector Webinare


Vector offers you webinars on basic technical knowledge, Vector products and their functionalities. This way you
can gather information online and in a compact format. The webinar will take about 1 hour and will be presented by
specialists from the product development. Our webinars are all live in order to allow you to participate interactively
(e.g. to ask a question).

System Requirements

For a successful participation the following prerequisites are needed:

  • Web browser - if you have problems with Firefox or Chrome when accessing a webinar, please check if you manually enabled the WebEx plugin)
  • Java Runtime environment (minimum version 1.4)
  • local administration rights
  • installed WebEx client (see meeting manager)
  • PC loudspeaker equipment or telephone

Sign up by choosing your language and fill out the registration form of
one of the webinars in our listing. We will then send you the
URL for the WebEx site and the login password.

Your contact to the Webinar Team


We organize our webinars with the assistance of the provider WebEx.

Visit us at an event in your area or take part in a webinar conveniently from your workplace. Participation is free of charge. We look forward to meeting you. You did not have the time to participate? Here is a look at past events and webinar recordings.

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