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TA Tool Suite

Optimal Distribution of Application Software in Multi-Core Systems

The TA Tool Suite is part of the Vector product family since 2018. It offers a wide range of user-friendly tools for the design, development and verification of embedded real-time systems. With the comprehensive TA Tool Suite you simplify and automate the distribution of the application software and thus increase the efficiency of your multi- and many-core system.

TA Explorer

The tool gives you a precise and easy-to-understand overview of your hardware and software object models.

TA Designer

TA Designer supports you in the application design of complex and highly integrated multi-functional systems.

TA Simulator

TA Simulator offers a detailed system simulation and allows you to perform various evaluations and metrics in different levels of detail.

TA Optimizer

Automate the application distribution process by model-based optimization of your embedded multi-core system.

TA Integrator

Supports software architects, integrators and engineers in embedding functions in software execution platforms.

TA Inspector

TA Inspector visualizes and verifies the dynamic behavior of the application on the target system by evaluating trace measurements. This includes the analysis of time response and resource consumption.

Discover all advantages of the TA Tool Suite.

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Optimized distribution of the multi-core application with the TA Tool Suite

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