Embedded software components for electronic control units in vehicles

Embedded Software and Systems

The ECU software can be roughly subdivided into two sections: The application contains the desired functionality, and the infrastructure software handles basic functions. Usually the infrastructure software includes the operating system and software components for communication and underlying I/O and memory services.

From Vector you get standardized software components for the infrastructure software. These components make it easy to port and reliably integrate ECUs from different suppliers into a network.

Operating system per OSEK/VDX and AUTOSAR Operating System
Standard software for CAN, LIN, FlexRay or Ethernet per AUTOSAR, OEM specifications and J1939 Communication Software
Software for vehicle diagnostics and flashing of programs and vehicle-related data Diagnostics
AUTOSAR Basic functions for the ECU such as watchdog control and ECU State Management Data sheet MICROSAR SYS System Software MICROSAR SYS
Services for reading and writing data to memory media such as flash or EEPROM memory Memory Services
AUTOSAR MCAL services for A/D conversion, pulse-width modulation, digital input/output, input capture unit and for controlling SPI Data sheet MICROSAR CALOperating Microcontroller Peripherals with MICROSAR MCAL
Measurement and calibration of ECUs Measurement and Calibration
Variant handling of ECUs Datenblatt Identity Manager AUTOSARIdentity Manager for AUTOSAR
Datenblatt Identity Manager CANbeddedIdentity Manager for CANbedded
Project work and -assistance, Training, Workshops, Support, Consulting services, etc. Projects and Services
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