Gateway Software for your ECU

Vector can provide you with standard software components for implementing gateway functionality in your ECU. These components handle the routing of messages, signals or transport protocol data (e.g. for diagnostics).

  • In AUTOSAR, two basic software modules (COM and PDUR) are required for routing; both are included in the MICROSAR COM package. The modules of this package are bus system and hardware independent, so they can be used for all bus combinations. You also get MOST support for your gateway from Vector, as a supplement to the AUTOSAR standard.
  • For conventional technology, the CANbedded Gateway is available. It is hardware independent and based on communication drivers that implement the special properties of controllers and bus systems.

Standard gateway software can be adapted to your application with the support of the GENy configuration tool from Vector.

AUTOSAR Gateway between CAN, LIN, FlexRay, MOST or Ethernet Product informationProduct information MICROSAR COM
CANbedded Gateway for coupling CAN and/or LIN networks Product information Product information
CANbedded Gateway

Please contact us for more information on supported controllers and OEMs or if you have special requirements.

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