Communication for your Diagnostic Implementation

Diagnostics has to be performed on nearly every ECU. That is why the ECUs save such information as the VIN and trouble codes in fault memory. Diagnostic communication is responsible for reading and writing this information. Based on a diagnostic protocol, it provides a foundation for:
  • Exchanging data between diagnostic testers and ECUs via a bus system, and
  • Reprogramming the ECU’s Flash EEPROMs with the Flash Bootloader.
For administration of diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) in the fault memory Vector offers software modules (DEM = diagnostic event manager) for a set of OEMs. DEM is part of MICROSAR and available for CANbedded, too.

Software Modules in the ECU

Vector can supply you with a number of software modules for diagnostics. They are OEM-specific, can be configured with CANdelaStudio and conform to the selected diagnostic protocol. They are also tuned to the existing vehicle network type and are available for many different microcontroller devices.

Diagnostics Protocol Vehicle Network Vector Software Modules
KWP2000 (Key Word Protocol)
based on ISO 14230
CAN (ISO/DIS 15765:1999*) Symbol E-Catalog CANdesc
K-Line (ISO 9141) upon request
UDS / ISO 14229-1
(Unified Diagnostic Services)
CAN (ISO 15765**) for CANbedded Symbol E-Catalog CANdesc und
CANbedded DEM
LIN for CANbedded CANbedded LIN-Diag
CAN (ISO 15765**) for AUTOSAR Symbol E-Catalog MICROSAR DIAG
FlexRay (ISO/CD10681) for AUTOSAR Symbol E-Catalog MICROSAR DIAG
MOST, K-Line, Ethernet (DoIP) upon request

*: also referred to as Diagnostics on CAN (KWP2000 on CAN).
**: Also referred to as Diagnostics on CAN (UDS on CAN).

Optionally, you can obtain CANdesc communication modules and the DCM module of MICROSAR DIAG that fulfill the legal requirements relating to emissions control systems like specified in ISO 15031-5/SAE J1979 (OBD). Additional information can be obtained upon request.

Diagnostic Tools

Vector offers a universal diagnostics tool chain made up of its CANdelaStudio, CANoe, CANape and Indigo products for tasks ranging from definition of diagnostic functionality to execution of flash processes and diagnostic requests.

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