Management of Fault Memory

As soon as the application software has detected an error, it must initiate saving of the relevant Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC). The CANbedded DEM software module from Vector is used for this purpose; it also stores the following information in fault memory for each error:

  • DTC status byte
  • DTCs and their environment data
  • DTC cycle counters
  • DTC fault detection counter
  • DTC aging counter

The combination of CANbedded DEM and CANdesc diagnostic software component enables the complete realization of the following UDS services related to the fault memory:

  • $14 Clear Diagnostic Information
  • $19 Read DTC Information
  • $85 Control DTC Setting

CANbedded DEM is configured with the GENy tool and a CANdela file (CDD). To create this file you will need the CANdelaStudio tool (Version 6.5 or higher).

The CANbedded DEM module is available for a number of OEMs.

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