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Customized Software Projects

Services from the AUTOSAR professionals

Are you looking for a partner to create the complete ECU software for your projects? Or do you need assistance in integrating the MICROSAR basic software for your series project? We will gladly assume the responsibility for this.

Starting from your requirements and objectives, our engineers work with you to plan and implement a customized service package and undertake the specification, development, and verification of your ECU software. This takes place in close cooperation with your project team and according to a process aligned with you. If your project requires safety-relevant software, it is developed according to ISO 26262.

With our support, your workload for implementation is drastically reduced and you always have a transparent view of the current status of the project.

MICROSAR-based Software Projects

We integrate the MICROSAR basic software on your ECU hardware and take into consideration your architecture and the OEM requirements. We also fully connect the software to your application. We are happy to develop additional project-specific system functions all the way to complete ECU software for you.

Mögliche Inhalte eines Kundenprojekts

Typical Project Contents:

  • Creation of documentation, such as requirements specification, design documentation, MISRA reports, test specifications
  • Project control using project and release planning, project log, status reports, quality gates as well as a series release by Vector
  • Configuration and integration of standard software on your ECU hardware in conformance with the requirement specification.
  • Development of specific additional functions (CDDs and SWCs), for example, for
    • Control of communication buses
    • Response to errors
    • Development of special routings or signal conversions for the utilized communication channel in gateways.
  • Development of the complete diagnostics software component
  • Development of sensor and actuator software components
  • Integration of the Flash bootloader, including for multiprocessor systems

More details about the process for software projects.

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