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ECU Projects for Your Small Production Runs

Developing small production runs efficiently

The development of small production runs is no less time consuming than development of large series. Due to the small quantities involved, costs play an even greater and more sensitive role. At the same time, the quality must meet your standards. With Vector you have a competent and reliable partner that will implement small production run projects together with you.

On the basis of the VC family, we create your complete ECU project for small and midget production runs, ranging from the requirements analysis and implementation to series production support. The VC family provides a variety of communication interfaces such as CAN, LIN, FlexRay, Ethernet, and Power Line Charging for eMobility according to ISO 15118 as well as support of various sensor buses and load drivers. For this reason, it is an ideal basis for gateway applications, domain controllers and special functions.

You can use all available Vector controllers directly for commissioning this project. The individual hardware function blocks offer a wide range of application, scalability, and a high level of reuse.

Project Services

Vector – Your Partner for ECU Projects in Small Production Runs:

  • Everything from one source – basic software, ECU, and all project work
  • Drivers and standard software are available that are perfectly tuned to the ECUs
  • Series hardware qualification according to Vector Standard based on ISO 16750 / LV124
  • Separate platforms for Automotive (12 V) and Commercial Vehicles (24 V)
  • Series production, support, and maintenance
  • Faster "time to market" when using the same ECU family in follow-up projects

More details about the process for ECU projects.

Does our existing portfolio fail to meet your requirements? On the basis of the VC family, we create customized ECU to your exact specifications.

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