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ECU Testing

ECU testing tools from Vector support you in the implementation of simulation and test environments in an efficient way. Regardless of your task in the development process the Vector test tools provide a scalable and re-usable solution from pure SIL simulations to HIL testing with functional acceptance tests. No matter whether your ECU is intended for a vehicle with an internal combustion engine, a hybrid or a purely electric vehicle.

Multiple bus systems like CAN, LIN, MOST, FlexRay or IP/Ethernet can be accessed at the same time. Furthermore digital and analogue data can be acquired and stimulated via DAQ and external hardware. Hence you can easily realize tests during development. This ensures a process conformant development of the ECU functionality and network communication.

Analysis of ECUs, entire networks and distributed systems CANalyzer
Multibus-tool for testing, simulation, diagnostics and analysis of ECUs, entire networks and distributed systems CANoe
Development and test of virtual AUTOSAR software

vVIRTUALtarget  new

Authoring Tool for test sequences for testing embedded systems vTESTstudio
CAN Conformance Tests according to VAG Test Specification VW80118 CANoe Test Package VAG
Programming interface for CAN database access CANdbLib
Modular test system for controlling the I/O ports of an ECU VT System
CAN/CAN FD disturbance hardware and a network interface for CANoe VH6501  new
Stress module for reproducible disturbance of FlexRay bus FRstress
Programmable data logger for CAN, LIN, MOST and FlexRay GL Logger Family
Combination of USB oscilloscope hardware and software for bit-accurate analysis of the CAN/LIN communication .Scope
High-performance industrial PC with real-time operating system optimized for CANoe RT operation CANoe RT Rack Fact Sheet  CANoe RT Rack
Programmable I/O device for CAN systems CANextender
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Team of experts for customized simulation, testing and logging solutions Projects and Services
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