Measurement and calibration, diagnostics and flashing for a wide variety of ECU interfaces

ECU Calibration

ECU calibration is an iterative process of measurement and calibration at runtime to optimally tune the parameters of your ECU algorithms.

The complete Vector system solution of multifaceted and specialized hardware and software tools covers a broad range of your task areas: from measurement and calibration to diagnostics and flashing for a wide variety of ECU interfaces. These comprehensive solutions support you over the entire development process: from functional development to bypassing and rapid prototyping solutions and finally test bench applications and test drives in the pilot phase and production. A calibration data management system ensures efficient, process-conformant data management while preserving high data quality.

By using high-performance software and hardware solutions you - as an ECU manufacturer or automotive OEM - benefit from Vector’s many years of know-how in the measurement and calibration field.

Overview of the high-performance software and hardware solutions and individual services Tools & Services at a Glance
Flexible recording of measurement data Measurement
Convenient analysis of measurement data Analysis & Evaluation
Innovative measurement concept with maximum data rates and low resource usage ECU Interfaces
Access internal ECU signals quickly and variably ECU Drivers
Easily modify parameter values Calibration
Mastering calibration & configuration data Calibration Data Management
Detailed ECU diagnostics in the laboratory and in the vehicle Diagnostics
Reprogram ECUs reliably Flashing
Display and edit description files conveniently Data Description
Individual services related to ECU calibration Engineering Services

Valuable know-how in ECU calibration

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