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2018-08-10: Vector Driver Setup: New Version 10.7.14

Vector Driver Setup 10.7.14

2018-07-03: New data loggers GL2400 and GL5370 offer even more CAN FD support
2018-02-26: To the point informative: New edition of Logging Reference Chart - including new GL5350
2018-02-20: Know-How: "How to optimally disturb CAN/CAN FD networks with VH6501"
2018-02-19: New multi-bus logger GL5350 offers more than CAN FD functionality
2018-01-20: New: VH6501 - Precise and reproducible disturbances of CAN/CAN FD networks
2016-07-19: XL Driver Library: New Version 9.7.26
2016-07-07: VN1630 log - the new Network Interface with Recording Feature
2016-04-12: Technical Article: Full transparency with Automotive Ethernet - Finally seeing what is really happening
2015-04-30: Vector Introduces Mobile ARINC 429 Solution for Monitoring, Debugging and Testing Avionic Systems
2015-02-13: CSM and Vector Reinforce Their Integrated Measurement Technology Solution With Joint Strategy
2014-11-27: CAN Driver for DIAdem 3.0.16
2014-11-21: XL Driver Library: New Version 9.0
2014-02-28: VH1150 Driver V2.08.30
2014-02-19: Vehicle Communication via Standardized D-PDU API (ISO 22900-2)
2014-01-22: Vector Driver Setup 8.9.0 Windows XP/Vista/7/8
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