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The Right Diagnostic Tester for Every Application

Reliable ECU Diagnostics in the Laboratory and the Vehicle

Indigo, CANoe, CANalyzer and CANape are the diagnostic testers in Vector's diagnostic tool chain. Paramerization is done via CANdela databases (CDD data from CANdelaStudio), and/or via ODX data (ODX/PDX)


  • Standard tools (commercial off-the-shelf), that are enhanced and refined continuously.
  • Data supply and parametrization via CANdela (.cdd) or ODX data (.odx/.pdx).
  • All widely used diagnostic protocols: UDS, KWP2000, GMW3110.
  • OBD support
  • Used by many engineers worldwide at OEMs and suppliers sites.


Quick and very easy to handle diagnostic tester for single ECUs or the whole vehicle Indigo
Simulation and testing tool for networks and ECUs with comprehensive diagnostic functionality CANoe / CANalyzer
Measurement and calibration tool with comprehensive diagnostic functionality CANape
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