Software and services to support you in designing, simulating, analyzing and testing network communication

Development of Distributed Systems

The development of distributed systems begins with partitioning of the overall system, followed by the definition of the network communication and concluding with the implementation of individual ECU functions.

Vector's refined tools and complex services support you in designing, simulating, analyzing and testing network communication. Consistent use of uniform development tools helps you avoid incompatibility losses. You can promptly detect and correct potential problems, even during evaluation and integration phases.

Development processes for distributed systems involve OEM and supplier engineers working together on the same project. In this context the defined database serves as a foundation for development. It ensures that all communication-related parameters of an individual ECU or an entire network are always available in an up-to-date and redundancy-free form throughout development.

Specifying and managing electronic vehicle systems and their components, such as sensors, actuators and ECUs. Design of network architectures. PREEvision
Tool for simulation and testing of networks and electronic control units CANoe
Tool for project management of CANopen networks ProCANopen
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