Configuring AUTOSAR Basic Software with DaVinci Configurator Pro

What is DaVinci Configurator Pro?

V Modell DaVinci Configurator Pro

DaVinci Configurator Pro is the central tool for configuring, validating and generating the basic software (BSW) and the runtime environment (RTE) of an AUTOSAR ECU.                                        Detailed information on user groups of the DaVinci toolchain.


  • Automatic parameterization of the BSW based on the OEM's system and diagnostic descriptions
  • Specific configuration user interfaces for all areas of the BSW and the RTE
  • Easy integration of third-party modules
  • Validation of the configuration with troubleshooting tips
  • Workflow support for a continuous integration of the ECU software

Highlights of Version 5.17

    • Easier configuration of project input files by new assistant
    • Better overview of the SWCs in the RTE configuration

All highlights of the new version

Special Functions

  • Monitored overwriting of derived parameters
  • Diff/merge function for ECU configuration

List of special functions


Vector AUTOSAR Solution


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