Data Description

User-friendly display and edit description files

Three types of description files play a key role in ECU calibration. They describe:

  • Internal ECU variables [more ...]
  • Different communication networks [more ...]
  • Diagnostic services and data as well as the flash process [more ...]

User-friendly display and edit description files

To make it easier to display and edit description files, CANape contains various viewers and editors for all types of description files. Furthermore, dedicated high-performance authoring tools make it easier for you to create A2L, ARXML, DBC, FIBEX, LDF, CDD, ODX files and others.

Format Support in CANape Separate authoring tool
A2L Editing with integrated ASAP2 Studio ASAP2 Studio is also part of ASAP2 Tool-Set, vCDMstudio and vCDM
ARXML Visualization with AUTOSAR Explorer DaVinci Developer
DBC Editing with CANdb++ Editor PREEvision
LDF Visualization with LIN Explorer PREEvision
FIBEX Visualization with FIBEX Explorer PREEvision
CDD Visualization with CDD Viewer CANdelaStudio
ODX-C, ODX-D Visualization with ODXStudio View CANdelaStudio
ODX-F Visualization with ODXStudio View ODXStudio
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