Updating the Addresses and Merging A2L Files

The ASAP2 Editor in CANape reads address and data type information from the linker-map file and updates the A2L file. The ASAP2 Editor also lets you subdivide an existing A2L file into partial subfiles or merge them together again.

In setting up an automated build process, the ASAP2 Tool-Set supports you with the programs ASAP2 Creator, ASAP2 Updater, ASAP2 Merger, ASAP2 Comparer, ASAP2 Checker and ASAP2 Modifier.

Supported compiler and map file formats by CANape

  • Standard (CANape-specific format)
  • Archimedes HC11
  • Borland C++ (16 Bit) and Borland C++ (32 Bit)
  • Cosmic
  • Fujitsu Softune MP1/MAP and Fujitsu Softune MPS
  • Greenhill Multi 2000
  • GNU, GNU C16x, GNU VxWorks and GNU 68k
  • Hitachi HEW SH7055
  • HiTech 68HC05 and H8S
  • Hiware HC12
  • IAR
  • IEEE (Tasking, Cosmic, Microtec)
  • ISI MatrixX
  • Keil 16x, Keil 16x (Static Symbols) and Keil 8051
  • LN308 (MITSUBISHI) for M16C/80
  • Metroworks
  • Microsoft (Standard VC8, Microsoft Extended and PDB)
  • Microware Hawk and Hawk Plug&Play ASCII
  • NEC CC78K/0 v35
  • OMF96, OMF96 (Tasking C196), OMF166 (Keil C166), OMF251 (Keil C251)
  • Renesas M32R/M32192 ASCII
  • SDS
  • Tasking ASCII 16x (M166)
  • Texas Instruments TMS470 and C6711
  • VisualDSP
  • VisualDSP DOS
  • Watcom

If you do not see the format you need, please contact us.

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