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Description Files for Diagnostics and Flashing

CANape provides access to diagnostic data and services for the KWP2000 and UDS protocols. This requires description files that can exist in ODX or CDD form.

For access to OBD data, you do not need any additional description files. The required information is already present in CANape. CANape reads-in diagnostic data in ODX and CDD format and displays them in the integrated viewers.

Furthermore CANape supports you when flashing using CCP/XCP and diagnostic protocols with the help of Flash projects.

Format Support in CANape Separate authoring tool
ODX Access to diagnostic data and services with visualization via ODXStudio View ODXStudio
CDD Access to diagnostic data and services with visualization via CANdelaStudio Viewer CANdelaStudio
Reprogramming of ECUs with the help of vFlash projects vFlash
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