Description Files of the Various Communication Networks

CANape not only lets you edit internal ECU parameters. It also gives you access to the data streams of the CAN, LIN and FlexRay bus systems. The specific description files have different formats. The Vector DBC format has become established as the industry standard for the CAN bus. As the description format for the LIN bus, the LIN Consortium has defined the LDF format (LIN Description Files). The FIBEX format (Field Bus Exchange format) developed under the auspices of ASAM is bus-independent and is currently used exclusively for FlexRay.

An editor for viewing and creating DBC files is integrated in CANape:

There is also a viewer for displaying LDF and FIBEX formats.

Bus system Format Support in CANape
CAN DBC Editing with CANdb++ Editor
LIN LDF Visualization with LIN Explorer
FlexRay FIBEX Visualization with FIBEX Explorer
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