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Vehicle Communication via Standardized D-PDU API (ISO 22900-2)

What is a D-PDU API?

Vector offers a D-PDU API standardized programming interface library for accessing Vector bus interfaces from customer-specific applications for diagnostics and flashing.

The programming interface is specified in ISO 22900-2. It abstracts from the diagnostic protocol and from the bus interface hardware (the VCI, Vehicle Communication Interface). For this reason it is ideally suited for customer-specific applications. In addition, the D-PDU API forms the basis for the diagnostic server ("D-Server") according to ISO 22900-3.

Overview of Advantages

Use of existing hardware

Already existing Vector network interfaces can easily be extended with the D-PDU API and are immediately ready for appropriate applications.

Optimal performance

The D-PDU API from Vector uses the flexibility and features of the powerful Vector network interfaces. Therefore, it offers optimal performance for your applications.

Simultaneous communication

The D-PDU API can share one channel of the Vector network interfaces with other Vector tools. So a customer-specific application can access the bus over the D-PDU API, while for example CANoe, CANalyzer and/or CANape run measurement or analysis tasks on the same channel. This eases for example also the troubleshooting in D-PDU API based applications.

Cost-effective solution

Vectors D-PDU API is a cost-effective solution especially for OEMs and suppliers who already use the Vector network interfaces and who are additionally use or develop ISO 22900-2-based applications. Therefore, the Vector bus interfaces can also be used for customer-specific diagnostic and flash applications. An additional VCI hardware is no longer required.


Supported bus systems:

  • CAN
  • CAN FD

Supported standard:

  • ISO 22900-2:2009

Supported ISO 22900-2 protocols:

  • ISO UDS on CAN (ISO_15765_3_on_ISO_15765_2 )
  • KWP2000 on CAN (ISO_14230_3_on_ISO_15765_2)
  • ISO RAW CAN (ISO_11898_RAW)

Application architecture with use of the D-PDU API

Application Areas

The Vector D-PDU API is used in the field of ECU development and diagnostics to create various OEM-specific applications such as diagnostic testers. Applications can be developed flexibly and efficiently based on this library. It lets developers focus on the application logic.

In addition, the Vector D-PDU API enables the use of Vector network interfaces in applications that are based on an ISO 22900-3 conformant diagnostic server.

Supported Hardware Interfaces

  • CANcardXL
  • CANcardXLe
  • CANboardXL
  • CANcaseXL
  • VNxxxx CAN, CAN FD network interfaces

Supports up to 8 CAN, CAN FD channels on one Vector network interface (e.g. VN7572 or VN8970).

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