CDM Studio - Managing Parameter Sets Easily and Traceably

Managing Parameter Sets Easily and Traceably with vCDMstudio

What is vCDMstudio?

vCDMstudio is an efficient tool for editing parameter set files. It is easily used to display, compare and edit parameters created in ECU calibration. When solving complex tasks, filters are used to reduce the number of parameters shown on the screen. In addition to calibrating parameter values you can take values from different files and merge them to create new version levels.

Screenshot vCDMstudio


  • Easily copy and merge parameter set files
  • All commonly use data formats are supported
  • Simultaneous comparison of multiple parameter set files gives user an overview of the different parameterization variants
  • Saving of parameter set files as M script or code files enables easy export of parameter values to other tools in the development process

Highlights of Version 16.0

  • Support for new features in version 1.7.0 of the ASAM MCD-2 MC specification:
    • Copy and compare parameters of the new BLOB object type
    • Transformer concept converts complex internal data structures into physical values
  • Load and save values of the BLOB parameter with ASAM-CDF version 2.1.0
  • Display and edit¬†parameter types CUBOID, CUBE_4 und CUBE_5


  • Load, visualize and edit parameter sets
  • Configure and execute various editing steps easily
  • User-friendly interface
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