Car2x as a Challenge for the Automotive Industry.

Car2x / V2X as a Challenge for the Automotive Industry

Car2x is a collective concept for many different research and development activities. They all share the goals of enhancing the safety of mobility, improving traffic efficiency and satisfying the need for convenience. It studies functions that can be better implemented – or are only made feasible in the first place – by communication between vehicles or between vehicle and infrastructure. Examples of such functions are an intersection assistant or a traffic jam warning system.

Car2x is frequently subdivided into Car2Car and Car2Infrastructure, where the latter is further partitioned into Car2Roadside, Car2Service, Car2Home and others. Common alternative names for Car2x resp. V2X include V2V (Vehicle to Vehicle), V2I (Vehicle to Infrastructure), IntelliDrive, ConnectedVehicle and in a broader context ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems).

Special challenges arise in the development of Car2x systems due to:

  • New technologies such as IEEE 802.11p
  • Parallel use of various technologies with data fusion (wireless, radar systems with various ranges, laser scanners, image processing systems, and many others)
  • Interoperability: uniformity across manufacturers based on international standards
  • The complexity of scenarios for introducing the systems
  • Positional data and common time base in highly dynamic networks
  • Signature-based and encrypted communication
  • Coded application messages with complex data structures and optional elements

Vector as a partner in Car2x development

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