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Automated Testing of the Diagnostic Protocol in ECUs with DiVa

Automated Testing of the Diagnostic Protocol in ECUs with CANoe.DiVa

What is CANoe.DiVa?

DiVa is a CANoe extension for automated testing of diagnostic software implementations in ECUs. Reproducible test cases are generated based on an ECU diagnostic description.


CANoe.DiVa consists of a configuration tool with a dedicated user interface, test case generator and runtime library for extended CANoe test functionality. The generator uses diagnostic descriptions in ODX or CANdela format to generate comprehensive test cases (good and bad cases). ). It generates a test environment that is added to a CANoe configuration, as well as a test specification with details on the test flow and the individual tests.


  • Automatic generation of test cases and their specification with comprehensive test coverage based on ECU diagnostic descriptions in ODX or CANdela format
  • Automated execution of test cases and generation of a test report
  • Supports various diagnostic standards/bus systems
  • Easy to configure test contents
  • Full integration in the CANoe test environment

Highlights of CANoe.DiVa 11.0

Extensions in the following areas:

  • OBD fault memory test
  • Security
  • Manufacturer Support

Application Areas

The generation of test cases and automation of test execution are two important trends in testing. The system supplier needs extensive tests to support development as well as regression and release tests. Automotive OEMs also need systematic tests, especially in integration and release on the vehicle level. CANoe.DiVa was designed to be used by automotive OEMs and suppliers.

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