Volkswagen conformance tests with CANoe

CANoe Test Package VAG

What is the CANoe Test Package VAG?

During the development of an ECU it is necessary to perform extensive CAN conformance tests. The CANoe Test Package VAG creates a CANoe configuration for this purpose. The configuration includes test implementations according to the corresponding Volkswagen test specifications. The tests run fully automated and may be repeated at any time. Thus, the test effort is kept to a minimum.

Highlights of Version 4.0

  • Implementation of these VAG test specifications:
    • High-Speed-CAN (DUM.857.BE.1)
    • Network Management High and Network Power Management (DUM.000.AC.A)
  • Support of partial network operations for AUTOSAR-based platform "MLBevo"


  • Creation of a remaining network simulation and an XML test module based on specific input files
  • Full test automation enabled by a special test hardware
  • Automatic creation of reports and logging of CAN frames for a comprehensive documentation of the test results


  • CANoe Test Package VAG is verified and recommended by Volkswagen AG
  • Test coverage corresponds to the requirements of Volkswagen AG for suppliers
  • Fast generation of the CANoe test environment
  • Automated test execution and report generation
  • Comfortable selection of the desired test cases
  • Unlimited repeatability of the test execution
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