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Customized Solutions for Simulation, Testing and Logging

Vector offers in-depth consultation on projects and can deliver turn-key solutions upon request.
In close cooperation with Vector specialists find the optimal solution, define test procedures and/or develop new test functions. Our specialists not only work in their offices; they also coordinate all of the details at your business site. 

What Vector offers:

  • Configuration of test systems with test hardware that includes ECU inputs/outputs
  • Development of project-specific expansion functions for test systems
  • Implementation of interactive and automatic test processes
  • Creation of test-case libraries for use in your test processes
  • Integration of the test system into a test environment
  • Creation of logger configurations
  • Faciliate project-specific workshops


Example of a Customer Project:

Preview of GL Logger Solution FinderZF TRW:
Converting test benches worldwide in record time

At ZF TRW, the cost and effort required for the worldwide executed ECU testing was continually increasing, because of both the number of ECUs and their extended functionality. Thus the test bench engineers were seeking a more flexible solution. The new approach reduces setup times drastically: from as many as eight months to change an ECU tester to a time of two to three weeks - and there are even more advantages.

Further Customer Projects:

Case study: Test bench for complex ECU networksEvoBus:
Test bench for complex ECU networks

ECU tests may be very complex depending on the work area and the range of functional features. This is even more relevant when testing must cover a network of five to nine ECUs whose functionalities are inseparably intertwined and vary according to the vehicle type, features and special customer wishes. That is why EvoBus has started up a new component test bench based on the VT System from Vector. Its flexible, automated tests enable a high level of test coverage and precise reproducibility of all test cases.

Case study: Automatic validation of gateway ECUSPorsche:
Automatically Validating Gateway ECUs During Real Test Drives

Automatically validate the central Panamera gateway ECU during real test drives On the Panamera, a total of six CAN buses and several LIN buses are connected to a central gateway ECU for internetwork data exchange. To verify routing behavior, numerous tests in different driving situations and a detailed analysis are indispensable. In addition to previous laboratory tests with stimulation of the input signals, Porsche also wanted to verify gateway data traffic during real test drives and in stress scenarios in real-time.

Case study: Hardware simulation for tire pressure controlDaimler:
Hardware Simulation for the Challenging Unimog Tire Pressure Control System

There are many good reasons to always drive off-road utility vehicles with tire pressure adjusted for specific conditions. Developers at Daimler AG used a new type of test system for realistic tests of the next generation tire pressure control system for off-road Unimog vehicles. The test system simulates all sensors and actuators of an ECU’s environment and enables comprehensive HIL tests, including simulation of fault situations in the environment’s hardware and wiring.

Further Customer Projects:

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